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Access to this monthly membership provides timeless wisdom and inspirations of the World's Greatest Motivators & Legends on the planet today. With daily delivery of over 28 Episodes, hours of content, downloads and more, with your hosts, Lynn Kitchen and Julie Jones Hamilton, you can watch from and streamed on any device. It's more important than ever, for all of us to be motivated and positive. What better way than from the convenience of your device. We Transcend Borders and Inspire BIG Dreams, together!

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  • 28 episodes with over 20 hours of exclusive television content, videos, downloads and more, with your host Lynn Kitchen and Julie Jones Hamilton


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"Lynn & Julie have done a phenomenal job with the World's Greatest Motivators. You hit it out of the park ladies! Great work!"


“I recommend leadership to everybody that I come in contact with because I feel like you can have the blueprint to success but if you don’t have your leadership and your mindset on a solid foundation, you will just keep spinning and looking for the answers in all the wrong places.”


I am a strong believer in maintaining a sharp edge with what I call the "success sciences."  As a busy CEO who oversees billions of dollars for my clients, "World's Greatest Motivators" and the CAN DO attitude has been my #1 resource. They have literally brought all the greatest minds together. The principles are proven, and this is simply the finest way to keep up on the emerging science of success.


“I attended the very first live filming of "The World's Greatest Motivators" and I am so grateful I did!  I expected it to be great; I had no idea just how great it would actually be! Highly motivating!” I had front row seats to personally watch some of, literally, the world's greatest motivational speakers:  Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Sugar Ray Leonard and David Meltzer. Highly motivating!


Lynn and Julie, both the shows you are producing and the programs you are creating are truly "world-class."


I have to tell you that Lynn, Julie, and David changed the trajectory of my life with what they have brought to the world. I'm in awe by how you all show up in the world! I love the CAN Do Spirit!